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Reward yourself with an invigorating dip at the pool or an energizing fitness session at the gym after a long day at work. You can also throw terrific parties on weekends or holidays for friends and acquaintances at the multi-purpose hall. Whether personal or social, The Oriental Place has great amenities for all types of leisure.

For a number of reasons, we want you experience the liberty of living a full metro life within Makati City where you can enjoy every single thing modernity has to offer without giving up the chance to have a quiet respite in your own private space called home. Certainly, you can enjoy modern living and have a decent retreat at the end of the day. That is very much possible with the Oriental Place.

Strategic & Convenient. This is how we describe the Oriental Place. It is strategically located in the midst of businesses and key commercial centers thereby providing massive convenience for all of its residence to be in places where they need to go in no time.

Safe and healthy environment. Living in high rise buildings provide residents with cleaner air to breath and saving them from massive noise pollution which are both detrimental to human health. Safety is an equally important issue that FDI considered while constructing the Oriental Place. That is the reason why the entire premises is fully monitored and its entrances and exits are well guarded. FDI wants to ensure that every resident is safe here.

Affordability and Economical. Not too many people have realized how affordable is the place and how economical it would be, for long term, to have a personal place called home, up there. Price packages available for Oriental Place are affordable enough that middle income families could just easily afford it.

Amenities. Fitness Gym with a wide list of equipments for various exercises. It has an adult lap pool & the children’s wading pool for family bonding purposes without taking an extra step outside. There is also a dedicated children’s play area where children can safely play along with other kids. It has a multi-purpose hall for both private and community affairs. Family celebrations like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries can be privately held here as well. Your privacy is an important thing we need to protect. There are also water features, pool deck, garden deck, fully landscaped podium gardens, promenade area for group and individual amenities. With these set, you can certainly enjoy the amenities of a first class beach down south without taking any step outside of the same roof. You may also enjoy our reading lounge and library for book worming purposes or simply commune with nature underneath our great gazebos. There also jogging paths right within the ground lawn to accommodate your morning healthy rituals.

Facilities. The Oriental Place has its own carwash area for your car’s hygiene. There are also high speed elevators that could shuttle all residents up and down the tower without delays. There are podium type parking spaces as well. The security force works 24/7 of shifting to ensure that the entire premises are safe. Closed Circuit Television cameras were installed in common areas like entrances and lobby. Each space has been pre provisioned for your cable TV and phone connections.

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